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SEO Review & Recommendations
We review your home page / site practices and deliver a detailed report with findings & recommendations.

Paid Search Review / Management
We are experts in Paid Search (PPC) configuration and optimization.

Analytics (Google, Omniture, etc...)
Analytics are the backbone of any marketing campaign. If you are running marketing campaigns and not using analytics you're in trouble!

Social Media Marketing

Kaplan's Electronic Marketing Services - Customer Conversions

Social Media Marketing
There are many ways to run a social media marketing program. You could create a Facebook page and advertise that page on Facebook.

Once you have nice number of fans, you could start to market to friends of those fans.

You could also direct a campaign to people that are not fans or friends of fans. why? You would use different wording in ads to fans than you would to people that don't necesarily know who you are.

LInkedin is another site you can use to reach potential clients. They don't refer to themselves a social media site, but at the end of the day they are a job oriented social site.

Two great benefits of advertising on facebook is the ability to really target your potential customer based on many different things including what they like and where they are located. Another is their great rates.