Marketing Services

SEO Review & Recommendations
We review your home page / site practices and deliver a detailed report with findings & recommendations. Order now!

Paid Search Review / Management
We are experts in Paid Search (PPC) configuration and optimization.

Analytics (Google, Omniture, etc...)
Analytics are the backbone of any marketing campaign. If you are running marketing campaigns and not using analytics you're in trouble!

Services Overview

Kaplan's Electronic Marketing Services - Customer Conversions

Analytics! What are they? what can they do for you?
You can't (or shouldn't) run a marketing campaign if you are not using analytics. Is your business seasonal? How are you doing year-over-year (YOY)? what's working and what isn't? We can help you find the answers and show you what to do about it, all while saving you money.

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Kaplan's Electronic Marketing Services - Geo Targeting

Online Marketing
You see banners on almost every website you visit. For example, many firms buy ads and have no idea if their message is actually being seen by potential customers. For example, if you only deliver to Chicago, you shouldn't be showing ads in NY (GEO targeting).

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