Marketing Services

SEO Review & Recommendations
We review your home page / site practices and deliver a detailed report with findings & recommendations.

Paid Search Review / Management
We are experts in Paid Search (PPC) configuration and optimization.

Analytics (Google, Omniture, etc...)
Analytics are the backbone of any marketing campaign. If you are running marketing campaigns and not using analytics you're in trouble!

Online Marketing 101

Kaplan's Electronic Marketing Services - Customer Conversions

Online Marketing 101
There are so many components to an online marketing program.

These include: Paid Search, SEO, Display (banner) advertising, affiliates, Social Media, Mobile, Group Buying, Flash Buying, HyperLocal, and within those there are many sub categories.

For example. Paid search could include Trademark campaigns, Generic Campaigns, Competitor Campaigns and misspellings. Banner Campaigns could include GEO, Predictive, Behaviorual and Retargeting. Social Media could include Facebook and within that fan ads and acquisition ads. Mobile could include Search (Trademark, Generic, Competitor) as well as banner advertising (App site and Mobile site).

Every single part of your online marketing program requires in-depth knowledge of different strategies & technologies, otherwise you could be pouring your marketing funds down the drain. We'll make sure you don't do that.