Marketing Services

SEO Review & Recommendations
We review your home page / site practices and deliver a detailed report with findings & recommendations.

Paid Search Review / Management
We are experts in Paid Search (PPC) configuration and optimization.

Analytics (Google, Omniture, etc...)
Analytics are the backbone of any marketing campaign. If you are running marketing campaigns and not using analytics you're in trouble!

Mobile Marketing

Kaplan's Electronic Marketing Services - Customer Conversions

Mobile Marketing
There are many ways to run a mobile marketing program. The key to any successful Mobile campaign is having a mobile optimized site or a mobile appication.

If you run a mobile campaign and send them to a site that is optimized for a computer you are greatly lowering the chances that you'll get a conversion. In English this means that people on mobile devices want to see sites that were created for a mobile device (e.g. Amazon, Ebay, Discover, Peapod all have mobile sites and mobile apps).

There are different types of mobile campaigns but the top two are Search Engine (PPC) and Mobile Banners (display).

Your ads can direct traffic to your mobile page or your mobile app (if you have one).You need to make sure that you have analytics software installed on your mobile site. You should test different ad vendors (e.g. Google Mobile or AdMob). We can help.