Hyperlocal Marketing

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Hyperlocal Marketing
What is hyperlocal marketing? Just what it sounds like!

It's marketing down to a town or neighborhood level. In the past this has been done on Cable TV, on community stations or by advertising on local newspapers.

These days it can be done on the internet. Some newspapers (e.g. Chicago Sun Times) have their main newspaper in a major metro area (e.g. Chicago) but also have dozens (or more) hyperlocal properties (e.g. Blockshopper.com).

There are also local blogs, chamber of commerce sites, social buying sites, etc… You can leverage these to target your message down to a community level.

For example, if you operate a hot dog stand in Lake Zurich, you don't want to advertise in Chicago.

Nobody is going to drive 30 miles for a hot dog (unless their pretty darn good) so your best bet is hyperlocal advertising.

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