Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing
There are several affiliate networks. They include ShareASale, Commission Junction (CJ), Linkshare, and many others.

You can choose to work with any network you like, but we suggest keeping the number of affiliate networks to a minimum. If you run a program with multiple affiliate networks you run a risk of increased affiliate fraud, overlap and possible reporting issues.

Almost everybody that buys something online looks for a promo code or coupon code. THey go to sites like Coupon Cabin or Brad's Deals. These are affiliate sites and they get a commission when somebody uses a promo code from their site.

We can help you find affiliates that will drive high average orders, new customers - at a reasonable cost per order.

When managing an affiliate program you need to make sure that you set up clear rules (e.g. if you advertise on Google, don't let affiliates bid on your company name or send traffic directly to your site as that could keep your ad from showing up, greatly increasing your cost per acquisition.