Re-marketing (aka re-targeting) – what is it?

Re-marketing is the process of display advertising to prospects that visited your site but did convert (become customers).

Here’s a real world scenario: You sell widgets. You advertise your business on Google. Somebody clicks the ad and arrives on your site.  They surf around but don’t buy anything and they leave your site.

As they surf the web they start to see your ads.  That’s the process of re-marketing. I won’t explain how it works, but it’s not that complicated though making sure it performs optimally and within a reasonable cost per acquisition (CPA).  Re-marketing should deliver new customers at a lower CPA than most other marketing programs.

Finally, assuming the customer comes back and makes a purchase you would stop display banners.  In other words you would stop re-marketing to them (at least via this marketing program).

Contact us to learn how you can implement a re-marketing program for your business.

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