Facebook ad targeting

Facebook offers an incredible (infinite) number of targeting options for your ads.

Here’s the lowdown on the options you can select when setting up Facebook ad targeting:

Location Targeting
Facebook determines the location of a user based on IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, which can help identify the country or city where a user is physically located. If a user has listed a current address on their profile, they may see ads targeted to that location, regardless of where they are currently located.

Age and Birthday Targeting

Birthday targeting allows ads to be targeted to users on their birthdays. With this option advertisers can create highly relevant ads or highlight special offers available to users on their birthdays.

Please note that if you run an ad over a period of multiple days, the ad will be targeted to users whose birthday is the specific day when they are viewing the ad. For example, users with a January 1st birthday will see the ad on January 1, while users with a January 2nd birthday will see the ad the following day.

Likes & Interests Targeting

This is huge – Likes & Interests are based on what a user lists in their profile. It includes the information from the Activities, Interests, Favorite Music, Favorite TV Shows, Favorite Movies, and Favorite Books sections of the profile. Likes & Interests may also come from the names of groups or Pages a user belongs to or is a fan of. For example, if you choose to target the keyword “Dave Matthews Band,” then your ad will only display on users’ accounts that have listed Dave Matthews Band in the “Favorite Music” section on their profile, or are members of a Dave Matthews Band group or Facebook Page. Finally, Likes & Interests includes a user’s political and religious views and occupation/job position.

Education Targeting

You can target up to 20 schools and/or 20 majors.

Connections Targeting

This is great.  You can tailor ads Connections targeting allows you to target your ads to users who have become a fan of your Page, a member of your Group, RSVP’d to your Event or authorized your Application. If you are the admin of a Page, Group, Event or Application, use the type-ahead to target your connections or exclude your connections from seeing your ad.

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Apps getting more face time than mobile Web browser

Mobile Marketer advises that Apps are getting more face time than mobile Web browsers.

They go on to report that the best time to advertise on mobile devices might be in the evening, when people are at home and able to use their mobile devices.  They also found that apps are getting more use (face time) than mobile web browsers.  Please visit Mobile Marketer for the full report.

This isn’t surprising because (in our opinion) people use mobile web browsers when they are looking for something or when an app is not available from their favorite site.

Our experience has been that ads on apps get great click-through rates and that the quality of those clicks is really high.

This also ties in with another report (in Internet Retailer) where advertisers report much higher click-through rates on mobile ads than on traditional desktop ads.

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Re-marketing (aka re-targeting) – what is it?

Re-marketing is the process of display advertising to prospects that visited your site but did convert (become customers).

Here’s a real world scenario: You sell widgets. You advertise your business on Google. Somebody clicks the ad and arrives on your site.  They surf around but don’t buy anything and they leave your site.

As they surf the web they start to see your ads.  That’s the process of re-marketing. I won’t explain how it works, but it’s not that complicated though making sure it performs optimally and within a reasonable cost per acquisition (CPA).  Re-marketing should deliver new customers at a lower CPA than most other marketing programs.

Finally, assuming the customer comes back and makes a purchase you would stop display banners.  In other words you would stop re-marketing to them (at least via this marketing program).

Contact us to learn how you can implement a re-marketing program for your business.

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GEO targeting – what is it?

GEO targeting – what is it?

There are a lot of things to look for when buying banner ads. For example, if you are a local business (and have a limited delivery area) then you do not want to advertise in markets you don’t service (you want to GEO target your ads).

Here’s a real-world example: Let’s say you are a Chicago cupcake store and you only do local deliveries.  What’s the point of advertising in New York, or even Milwaukee?  Your first requirement is that the ads be displayed only in the Chicago market (that’s know as GEO targeting).  That at least assures you that your ads will be seen by people in your area.

Same with Paid Search.  You can create a campaign that is GEO targeted to Chicago (or most other metro areas) and your ads will only be shown when somebody in Chicago searches for cupcakes.

Finally, even if you ship all over country it’s still a strategy to GEO target your campaigns as that allows you to run custom ads that are targeted for the market in which you are advertising.  You could have an ad that says “Best cupcakes in Chicago” or “We deliver to Chicago” but that might not make so much sense if your ad is being displayed in New York.

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CPM – What is it?

CPM is an acronym for Cost per mille (cost per thousand).  It’s generally used to describe a billing unit for banner advertising.

Here’s a real life example of how it’s used:  A publisher or ad network contacts you and tells you that they have available banner inventory (aka impressions)  and they tell you that the CPM is $12.50.  This means you would pay $12.50 every time your banner is displayed 1,000 times.

So, if you do an “ad buy” of 1,000,000 impressions, your cost would be $12,500.

Here’s the formula to calculate CPM: (impressions / 1000) * CPM

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Hello world!

Welcome to our new blog.  We’ll be using this blog to report on things that we consider interesting and we’ll also use it to talk about different electronic marketing things and what they mean…

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